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How long does the clinic appointment take?
Around two hours.

Can both parents and any siblings come to the appointment?
Yes, that's no problem at all.  

What do I need to bring?
Any previous reports that may be of relevance.
A drink, a snack and a favourite toy may also come in handy! 

What age range are the children you assess?
30 months-18 years.

How much does a private assessment cost?
The current fee for a full autism assessment is £1500.
Payment is made by bank transfer. A deposit is taken at the time of booking an appointment, with the balance to be paid two weeks prior to the assessment date. 

How long does it take for the report?
We aim to email you the report within 4 weeks of the assessment.

What if the outcome is uncertain?
In the majority of cases, the outcome is clear. However, if the conclusion of the assessment is borderline it may be best to wait for another year and then reassess.

Do you offer interventions?
No, however, we will offer recommendations in the report.

Frequently Asked Questions
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