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How long does the assessment take?

Around two hours.


Can I bring other children with me?

Yes, but it may be necessary for them to stay in the waiting area during part of the assessment, so if you are bringing other children it may be best to bring another adult and extra things for them to do.

What do I need to bring?

Any previous reports. You could also bring snacks, drinks and a favourite toy or tablet to play with.

What age range are the children you assess?

18 months-19 years.

Do you assess for Asperger’s syndrome?


Do you assess for Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)?

No. It is best to seek a referral to CAMHS if you are specifically requesting an assessment for PDA.

What if the outcome is uncertain?

In the majority of cases, the outcome is clear. However, if the conclusion of the assessment is borderline it may be best to wait for another six months-one year and then reassess.

Do you offer interventions?

No, however, we will offer recommendations in the report.

Frequently Asked Questions
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